“Your home healthcare aides took care of my mother for a month. I was most impressed by their care and respect for her, as well as their attention to privacy, while cleaning her and giving me guidance. The aides would also look into MY well being, which I appreciated. I especially remember and miss certain aides that were always on time and so helpful to me and my family.”
– Karen S.

“Patty, I would like to thank you for being so pleasant, for your effort and hard work that you put into keeping us updated at our InService meetings. I have happily been working for Oxford HealthCare since 2011 and I hope to continue working for the company. Often times I wonder how frequently the office staff receives a big ‘Thank You’ from their employees. And, I want to tell you all thank you for everything you have done for me. Today is a celebration of you, filled with appreciation for all of your hard work. Thank you.”
-Joy K., PCA


“Thank you so much for your help the last two months. I have never had help before but Stacy made my life so much better. She had such a cheerful spirit and works so hard to please me no matter what I ask. I am so grateful to your company for your necessary home healthcare services. Thanks again.”
–Virginia H.

“My wife and I are 82 years old this year, and for the last seven years I have become my wife’s full time caregiver, as her health has declined due to Dementia. Because of her condition, she is not capable of performing daily tasks, therefore these tasks are my responsibility, along with helping her with her bathing, grocery shopping, paying bills, caring for the yard, doctor’s appointments, preparing meals, doing dishes, etc… Having respite care for four hours a week has been a great help. It enables me to go to breakfast with my brothers, attend my monthly union meeting, go golfing, or take care of other errands. It gives me the opportunity to do these things, with the peace-of-mind knowing that someone is there for my wife in the event she needs assistance. The respite care hours are truly a blessing for my wife and I both. Thank you so much."
–Curtis J.


“I would like to thank everyone connected with Oxford HealthCare for the wonderful kindness and home healthcare we received. With your help we were able to live at home instead of a nursing home. With heartfelt appreciation.”
–Betty H.