Winter is Coming

Are you prepared? Have you assisted your elderly loved one or neighbor in preparing their home for the cold? It is especially important to safeguard your loved one’s home from the frosty flakes of winter, as they are more fragile and have difficulties in the tasks we continue to complete with ease. For your aide, we have compiled a checklist to ensure they are comfortable in their home as the weather begins to change.

  1. Check to make sure all windows and doors are properly sealed to ensure no extra cold air gets through the cracks. Apply new caulking to cracks. If windows are too cold, hang a thick blanket or buy thicker curtains to trap the cold air.

  2. Get thermostats checked to ensure they will properly heat the house.

  3. Rake the leaves and shovel the snow on all sidewalks and driveways to prevent falls. Also check the gutters to maintain their functionality.

  4. Does your loved one have enough warm blankets? Consider buying a heated blanket for their bed to keep them warm throughout the night.

  5. Clear the fireplace of all flammable materials near and far. Have someone come out and clean the chimney so the fireplace works without a hitch! *Buy a fire extinguisher for their home.

  6. Encourage your loved one to eat healthy, hearty, warm foods and drink warm beverages to maintain their body heat and strength. Take them shopping for the proper nutrition.

  7. Stay on top of their bills to save them money and ensure their hot water and heat never turn off.

  8. Buy your loved one non-slip boots to prevent falls. Have him or her try on their winter coat. If it no longer fits, take them to purchase a new one.

Winter is no joke in Oklahoma! As we know, the snow and ice storms can hit unexpectedly. The best way to ensure your loved ones comfort and safety this winter is to prepare early!