8 Ways to Fight Allergies in the Elderly

Seasonal allergies often sneak up on us and cause large discomfort. Taking control of your loved one’s allergies to prevent future illness can greatly boost their comfort levels. There are various precautionary measures you can take to maintain your loved one’s health and wellness; we will discuss some serious pointers below!

  1. Know their symptoms — itchy eyes, a scratchy throat, a stuffy nose, and coughing are the leading symptoms. If they begin exemplifying these symptoms, take action immediately.

  2. Visit the physician — make an appointment with your loved one’s physician as soon as possible in order to discuss the options you have at hand to subtle the effects of allergies.

  3. Prevent the use of antihistamines — the elderly does not benefit from antihistamines as the younger population does due to the medications side effects, such as drowsiness, confusion and dizziness. Instead, get a prescribed medication from a doctor.

  4. Change up your diet — increase your consumption of apples, walnuts, leafy greens, ginger and anything high in Vitamin C content.

  5. Sweeten your meals with local honey — local honey has higher percentages of the pollen present in the community, acting as a natural antibiotic against seasonal allergies. Make a peanut butter and honey sandwich, sweeten your coffee or tea with honey, or eat a spoonful of honey in the morning!

  6. Wear sunglasses — sunglasses act as a blocking force, permitting less pollen to agitate your eyes.

  7. Wash your hands frequently — this will decrease the transfer of pollen from your hands to your face, lowering the uncomfortable symptoms allergies bring with them.

  8. Dry your laundry inside — this will prevent the excessive transfer of allergens from outside to inside the home.

Remember to keep tabs on your loved one and their health as the seasons change. The elder population is most susceptible to illness as we move into the fall/winter seasons. Take charge and keep your loved one healthy, happy and comfortable this year!