Family Contribution Payment Plan

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Oxford HealthCare: the longstanding, dependable sunshine of healthcare. Uniting families in times of need with around the clock service and smiles. Guiding you every step along the way, we are here to keep your loved one safe, independent and happy in the comforts of their own home.

Paying for the comfort and happiness of your loved one should not be a topic of stress. That’s why here at Oxford we have a multitude of payment plans and professional guidance to keep your family bonds strong and your pocketbooks plentiful. When Medicaid, Medicare and other outside funding are not viable for your family, other options are available.

Here, we will outline and guide you through successful payment plan involving the whole family. Pooling funds from the entire family is a very viable, yet often overlooked, option. When the entirety of the family is involved emotionally and voluntarily, everyone’s stress levels decrease.  Each member contributes in coordination with his or her proper income.

First, one family member will be selected as the ‘Organizer.’ They will be in charge of monetary collection to pay the bills. Eventually, this person’s role will evolve into the beneficiary for the family member being cared for.

Second, the contributions of each family member shall be assessed in accordance with their income. This maintains everyone’s stress levels at a minimum whilst ensuring comfort and independence for the whole family.

Third, the family can create a payment plan. Whether monthly or annually, the accumulation of funds can be decided upon facilitating the interests of everyone involved, keeping the aging process as light and whole hearted as possible for your loved one.

We have experienced nothing but success with families who choose the ‘family contribution’ payment plan. Give us a call today and we can walk you all the way! (918)258-1111

Check out our Family Contribution Plan Video below. You can also view all of our educational videos on our YouTube Channel! (Oxford HealthCare)