Difficulty of Releasing Independence

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The aging process is difficult, no matter the circumstances. Our appearance begins to change, our bodies become more fragile, our sight and hearing slowly alter and we tire much more easily. Although 87 percent of those 65+ prefer to age in their home (AARP 2014), it is often difficult to release their independence and ask for help. How can we play a supportive role for our loved ones while not interfering with their independence? A discussion must be had in order for a consensus to be met. Starting this conversation early with your loved one is a proactive approach to maintaining their health. We have curated a list of helpful ways to provide help while allowing independence to continue existing.

  1. Let your loved one know that they are not a burden for their aging. We all age, we all need help (no matter our age). As a family, we are committed to the health, betterment and independence of our loved ones, no matter the emotional cost.

  2. Ask your loved one to relay the day to day difficulties they are currently facing. This way, they are discussing their independence issues instead of the family ‘attacking’ their new methods of independence.

  3. Once the difficulties are on pen and paper, decide who can help doing what and when. Are there any gaps in the capacity of the family to provide the care he/she needs? If so…

  4. Consider hiring a Home Health Care agency to provide the more difficult tasks such as medication management and bathing. Oxford HealthCare can walk you through every step of a personalized Home Care plan for your loved one.

  5. Have a second discussion with your loved one to outline the possibility of a stranger entering their home to benefit their health and boost their independence. Our Home Health Aides are extremely qualified, kind, and compassionate with complete background checks; therefore, your loved one will have nothing to worry about.

  6. Provide positive reinforcement by explaining the ease and comfort that will be replenished in your loved one’s life. Their home will be clean, groceries purchased and company will be had weekly.

  7. Lastly, remember to focus on the fact that independence does not mean one must do all things alone. After all, we’ve all leaned one one another to complete our tasks since the beginning of time. Team efforts provide the happiest environments.

If you have any questions, concerns or would like a free home consultation, please call Oxford HealthCare today at (918)258-1111. We will help you to outline a personalized home care plan the whole family can agree upon and find peace within.