End of Life Care

End of Life Care


Referral Circumstances:
Oxford HealthCare was contacted by a hospice agency requesting immediate support caring for a terminal patient whose spouse needed rest.

85 year old terminal male with 82 year old spouse

End stage Cancer. Patient up all night. Bed Bound. Risk of Bed Sores.

Care Plan:
Oxford HealthCare RN visited the home within 4 hours of call. RN developed a private duty care plan that included: vital sign monitoring, bed baths, incontinent care, turning, skin monitoring, feeding, companionship, and safety-supervision. RN met with first aide on shift and reviewed care plan. RN completed care management with hospice and family to plan private duty shifts in coordination with hospice visits and ensure supplies and equipment needed on site.

Oxford HealthCare’s Certified Home Health Aides cared for patient 7p-7a for 4 nights. The patient was kept clean and dry, turned for comfort and reduced risk of pressure sores, hydrated with water, monitored throughout the night for safety, and enjoyed conversation with the aide on duty. The aide received on-going direction from the Oxford HealthCare RN. The wife slept during the night shifts and spent meaningful time with her husband during the day. On the 4th night, the aide noted rapid changes in his vital signs. She woke up the spouse and notified hospice of impending death. The wife was by her husband’s side and able to share last words as he passed away. The aide comforted the wife and assisted as needed until hospice and family arrived.

Payor Source:
The wife paid out of pocket for immediate, end of life care. She was very grateful to spend quality time with her husband before his death. The aide provided much relief in doing the hands on tasks and comfort care at night